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Welcome to your HMS community website.  Log in to make payments, download legal documents or forms, and learn about the Association.

When are the assessment fees due?

The Association assessment fees are due annually on January 31 and March 31.

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Your Association is managed by Homeowner Management Services Inc. (HMS).  Our Mission is to have a long term partnership with your community and to enhance and protect its value and quality, while residents enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.  If you have any questions about your management company, then use the Contact page to reach out to us.


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After-Hours Emergencies

Association emergencies include roof leaks, weather damage, and gate problems that prevent you from getting home.  For these emergencies , call 770-667-0595 and stay on the line for instructions.  After you leave a voicemail on the emergency line, an on-call HMS staff member will contact you as soon as possible.  This service is for emergencies only.

For all life-threatening emergencies, always dial 911.


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