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After-Hours Emergencies

Association emergencies include roof leaks, weather damage, and gate problems that prevent you from getting home.  For these emergencies , call 770-667-0595 and stay on the line for instructions.  After you leave a voicemail on the emergency line, an on-call HMS staff member will contact you as soon as possible.  This service is for emergencies only.

For all life-threatening emergencies, always dial 911.

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Encouraging and Rewarding Prompt Payment by All Members


Credit Reporting Flyer

Click here to learn more about the credit reporting service offered by HMS.

One of the biggest problems that an HOA or Condominium can face is members who do not make their payments.  Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood that is not properly maintained or has to raise dues just because some of the members are not doing their part.  HMS has partnered with Sperlonga Data & Analytics to offer credit reporting for Association balances to Equifax, one of the country's three major credit reporting agencies.  With credit reporting to Equifax, your Association's dues will be viewed with the same importance as credit card payments, mortgages, and car payments.

Lowering the delinquency rates does more for the Association than just increasing the money available to spend on landscaping and pressure washing.  Members that voluntarily pay their dues so that they avoid a credit score penalty are also preventing the Association from having to pursue expensive collection options.  Credit reporting can be a very cost-effective alternative for getting accounts up to date.

Sperlonga Data & Analytics

"Reporting Assessment Payments to Credit Bureaus Is Good for Homeowners and HOAs"

A great article from HOA‑USA about the benefits of reporting assessment dues.

Credit reporting is not just about punishing your delinquent members and recovering the Association's funds; members who keep their accounts up to date will have their good behavior reported as well.  Your members who are already paying their dues on time will get a monthly positive addition to their credit score.  Members looking to refinance their home payments will also see a benefit when their bank looks into how many delinquent accounts the Association has.

Contact HMS today to learn how your Association can use HMS' credit reporting program to increase the beauty of your community and help your keep your dues where you want them: low!




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